Making Time for Art

One day last week, after dropping Big Man off at school and before I went in to work, I took myself on a “date” to a local library and museum.  It was an exhibit of Brazilian popular and folk art and happened to be on the campus of Clark Atlanta University, the place where I earned my librarianship degree.  From the front door to the top floor gallery, was a gorgeous collection of photos, paintings and sculptures made by contemporary African American artists whose work left me nearly breathless with excitement.

Like most kids, Big Man is a fairly avid inventor/writer/artist.  I dabbled in sketching and drawing as a kid but like many people became intimidated and all but abandoned any type of art making until undergraduate school when I took art appreciation class and got re-acquainted with my creative self thanks to the encouragement of writers like Julia Cameron, Natalie Goldberg and SARK.  I still struggle with giving my right brain more space and time to do its thing, but do enjoy the time I spend in its company.   And making collages is one of my favorite ways to engage it, because everyone from master artists to novices like myself can have a go at it and come out with something beautiful.  Here are a few that I’ve made over the years.

Me and GrandpaAdding a few coats of Modge Podge to Our Jewel

A Blessed CallingA Blessed Calling

Our JewelOur Jewel (Collage for Grandpa)


But enough about me! Here are a few book titles to collage-themed kid book titles as well as a link to a hands-on activity on Deep Space Sparkle’s cool website to inspire grown-ups and kids alike:

Kid Made Modern

Uncle Romie

colorful dreamer matisse

Click here for the Bearden project


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