He’s a Maker

Maker Faire 2014 (PicMonkey Collage)

Yes.  It’s been a while.  Many things going on, but I’ll spare you the details and jump right in with this Flashback Friday collage of snaps from the Mini Maker Fair which we went to back in October of last year. It was a a free event that I happened to find out about through Atlanta PlanIt.

I was happy to see that artists, craftspeople and techies came together to bridge the a divide that usually stands between the arts and “hard” science. The result of this integration is an educational approach called STE(A)M.  Science.  Technology.  Engineering.  Arts (!). Mathematics.  So, alongside the robots and other electronic contraptions were things like glass ware, metal and wood work, paper crafts mostly made using traditional hand-powered devices.  Some had even found cool ways to integrate new technology with the old.   Nice.   And being that Big Man is as “into” nature and art as he is into the built environment, the whole affair was right up his alley.

A similar but much more commercial event that we attended was the Lego Fair, which happened earlier in the summer.  Big Man got to put his builder instincts to use by constructing cars and team-built bridges, doing his best not to go bananas when grown-ups destroyed it tested its weight with dumbbells.  I also couldn’t resist throwing in a few pics of one of his paintings and a necklace hand strung by Big Man especially for his proud Mama :).

Jared's Starry Night and Cranberry Bead Necklace (PicMonkey Collage)

Lego Fair 2014


And here’s a link to a Maker Camp video that give a glimpse of some of what we experienced at the Faire.


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