New York 2013: Harlem on Our Minds

Jared and Mom at Red Rooster

PHOTO Adebisi Akanji Stone Sculptures in Harlem (4)PHOTO Adebisi Akanji Stone Sculptures in Harlem (6)

PHOTO Lois Mailou Jones Exhibit at the Schomberg  (8)

Another highlight was roaming around Harlem a bit.  Of course, we visited the Schomberg where we got to see some Aaron Douglas murals as well as a showing of Lois Mailou Jones’ work, both of whom were Harlem Renaissance artists whose work I fell in love with while taking African American art history in undergrad.  The library made me sign a form promising not to circulate the photos I took of the murals; nevertheless, it was a thrill to see Douglas’ large scale works like this and to get up close to some of the small works of la grande dame, Madame Jones.  As we were walking along 125th Street after leaving the Caribbean Cultural Center, I was taken by the outdoor stone carvings of Nigerian artist Adebisi Akanji outside of the National Black Theatre building.   We ended our wanderings by treating our hungry bellies to a collard green-cornbread-lemonade lunch at Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster.


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